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Welcome to Jackie Naik Aesthetics — where your comfort, confidence, and skin health is top priority.

Meet Jackie Naik

Hi! I’m Jackie Naik, Licensed Esthetician and owner of JNA. When I’m not working on your skin or continuing education, I’m spending time with my husband, dog, family, and friends. I LOVE skincare (obviously), dogs, travel, and concerts. I’m excited to learn more about you!

More About Jackie

The JNA Approach

As someone who personally suffers from acne-prone skin and melasma, two conditions which are incurable, I have a deep understanding of how these conditions can affect you.

Nothing brings me more joy than holding your hand through the process of your skin revision and watching you blossom into someone who’s confident in their skin. 



Jackie is simply the best. She is very knowledgeable and well-educated on the products she carries as well as numerous different skin conditions.

She honestly wants to find the right regimen for your skin. I’m almost 40, a physician and still struggle with acne. We are constantly tweaking my regimen based on pregnancy, breastfeeding, dermatitis outbreaks, etc. She has struggled with acne herself and knows the frustrations that come with that struggle. She doesn’t judge you in any way and is very transparent with her experiences. She is also extremely professional, friendly and kind. I text her random skin care questions frequently and never feel like I’m a bother.


I haven't really been happy with my results until I began visiting Jackie. From the start, Jackie was invested in my journey. She's honest and sets clear expectations given your skin concerns.

Jackie is not only super knowledgeable, but always willing and excited to help. I've received a few corrective treatments so far (Microneedling and BioRePeel) and have seen results in a short amount of time! Jackie also put me on an at home skincare routine that did not break the bank. I always look forward to my visits with Jackie! Book an appointment - you will not be disappointed!


She motivated me to incorporate a morning and night skin care routine which I thought would never happen.

I started seeing her in November '21 with a horrible texture problem and cystic acne breakouts. I was supposed to go on accutane but decided to see what jackie could do first. By end of January I did not have a single active pimple and my skin was as soft as a baby’s bottom. With monthly facials and a simple at home routine, she changed my life forever. She never had me spend more than I was comfortable with, so she had me build my collection with the most necessary items first, then the extra stuff to follow. Every single item she has recommended has worked amazing for me. She is the best of the best!